Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces belt scale integrator

By |  February 10, 2022
Photo: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Ramsey Flex allows operator control on-site, in a local control room or remotely. Photo: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific unveiled the Ramsey Flex belt scale integrator.

According to the company, the Ramsey Flex is the “brain” of the belt scale and designed to enable process management and control on-site – in a local control room, or remotely.

The belt scale integrator can be used with new belt scales or retrofit projects, as well as in single-conveyor projects and complex multi-scale systems, according to the company.

The Ramsey Flex features a large touchscreen HMI for operators to easily access information, switch between functions and perform operations. The technology aims to maximize connectivity, including compatibility with Modbus and Profibus technologies, for centralized control room operation or remote access.

Multiple options of the Ramsey Flex are available to address a variety of applications, the company says, including the ability to share one integrator across two belt scales or use a blind integrator where HMI is not required.

“Our process customers have asked for remote operation, control flexibility, affordability, ease of operation and simplified maintenance,” says Kyle D’Silva, director of marketing for production process and analytics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We are confident Ramsey Flex meets these needs and delivers real value for our customers.”

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