The very latest in conveying, material handling equipment

By |  May 9, 2023
Photo: Douglas Manufacturing Co.

Photo: Douglas Manufacturing Co.

The Vortex spiral clean pulley is a unique and innovative self-cleaning pulley, according to Douglas Manufacturing Co. The design of the flights and end plows on the Vortex efficiently move tramp material to the edges of the pulley and away from the belt, reducing vibration by maintaining continuous belt contact – and all but eliminating the noise commonly associated with self-cleaning pulleys. The unique and durable design is finished off with an AR400 center, Douglas says, as well as unique edge support sections that significantly increase the service life of the Vortex.

Protection for interlocked conveyor belts

Photo: Conveyor Component's Co.

Photo: Conveyor Component’s Co.

The Mag-Neat-O is a self-contained motion control that magnetically couples to the end shaft of a tail pulley, indicating when a conveyor belt slows or quits moving. According to Conveyor Components Co., the pulse output of the Mag-Neat-O can be wired into a PLC or DCS, which can determine under speed, overspeed or zero speed of the conveyor. The Mag-Neat-O can shut down rotating equipment before severe damage is encountered, providing protection for interlocked conveyor belts. Conveyor Components Co. says the key advantage of the Mag-Neat-O is that no drilling or tapping of the tail pulley shaft is required, as the unit is held in place with a strong magnetic connector on any non-driven pulley shaft.

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