The 4 most costly blasting mistakes you can make

By |  April 9, 2021


The mistakes listed in this article are extremely costly due to two reasons. Improperly addressing them leads to increases in drill and blast costs and a decrease in performance.

These mistakes are often the easy, low-hanging fruit that can be rapidly corrected to immediately improve blast performance and decrease blast costs.

So the question then becomes: Why are these mistakes so frequently made, especially when most mines are constantly attempting to increase performance?

In my opinion, it’s difficult to make a profit on solutions such as better blast design that uses less explosive. It is very easy, however, for a company to sell a new product that promises to increase performance.

What most mine operators find out the hard way is that the new product only works well after all of these other principles are corrected and managed. Otherwise, these products often just increase blasting costs.

Anthony J. Konya is the vice president at Precision Blasting Services, consulting around the world in rock blasting and vibration from blasting. He is also the founder and CEO of Academy Blasting, an explosive engineering education company, and the host of AcademyBlasting.TV podcast.

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