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Keeping qualified employees in a candidate-driven market

April 6, 2023By

The aggregate industry continues to face a shortage of qualified workers as older generations retire. Industry experts discuss how employers can find and retain qualified employees in a tough market.

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PACA develops new playbook in Pennsylvania

February 7, 2023By

Through the Pennsylvania Aggregates & Concrete Association (PACA), Pennsylvania’s aggregate producers now have a plan that raises their collective voice on key issues.

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Producers, manufacturers discuss industry challenges

February 1, 2023By

Those who attended the 2023 Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference reflect on the impacts of inflation, regulation and workforce shortages.

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Addressing workforce woes

December 14, 2022By and

As the industry searches for skilled workers, Dodge Construction Network’s Richard Branch says there are things the companies can do to attract more employees.

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Says Turner Staffing Group’s Thomas Haun: “We don’t just want to bring somebody into the company to put a butt in a seat. I think that’s a recipe for failure.” Photo: izusek/E+/Getty Images

Producers, manufacturers ramping up workforce development efforts

August 31, 2022By

Aggregate producers and equipment manufacturers discussed how they are recruiting and retaining high-quality employees in a challenging labor environment.

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Former House speaker explores the workforce challenge

July 6, 2022By and

During a Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference visit last month, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discussed the workforce and the variety of obstacles creating problems for employers in dire need of people.

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Roundtable attendees talk state of the industry

June 9, 2022By and

Aggregate industry stakeholders reflected on the good and the bad happening at the moment during the 2022 Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference.

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How to retool your business for millennials

July 2, 2021By

The right business environment can motivate younger workers. Find out what it takes to be a millennial-friendly business in the aggregate industry.

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The challenges of hiring loom larger

September 14, 2018By

The hiring process is becoming even more challenging – and aggravating – for aggregate producers.

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