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Photo: Superior Industries

Superior Industries Chevron Wing Pulley

January 30, 2024By

Unveiled with a modified design, Superior’s CEMA and Mine Duty model Chevron Wing Pulleys no longer include a […]

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Photo: P&Q Staff

PCI highlights take-up frames, heated conveyor pulley and more at ConExpo

March 29, 2023By

PCI’s Mike Furtaw details the company’s line of aggregate solutions, including the Ice-Eradicator, a heated conveyor pulley aimed to help keep conveyor systems running in harsh weather conditions.

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Photo: PPI

PPI CEMA Herringbone Wing

August 1, 2021By

[SPONSORED] The PPI CEMA Herringbone Wing pulley was designed with thicker wings for increased service life in applications where conventional wings suffer from excessive material lodging and wing folding.

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Photo: PPI

PPI ContinuWing

February 19, 2021By

PPI’s ContinuWing technology incorporates unmatched wear resistance with the existing Herringbone and conventional wing pulley offerings.

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Luff Industries Spiral Wrap Wing Pulley

August 24, 2016By

Luff’s Spiral Wrap Wing Pulley design ensures constant contact with the belt, which eliminates noise and vibration while offering a self-cleaning action.

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Superior Industries Chevron Pulley

October 4, 2015By

Inventors of the original v-shaped pulley, Superior says its innovative wing pulley design has saved material producers thousands […]

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