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Photo by Megan Smalley

How drones are saving lives

April 30, 2018By

Drones continue to show great versatility, as a DJI report now details that at least 65 people were saved by drones in the last year.

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URC Ventures' David Boardman anticipates drone pilots to be as accessible as an Uber driver in the coming years. Photo courtesy of Luck Stone.

P&Q Profile: Luck Stone’s Eric Warinner

September 11, 2017By

Eric Warinner collects and analyzes data with the use of UAVs across Luck Stone’s crushed stone and sand-and-gravel sites in Virginia.

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Luck Stone again on tech’s cutting edge with drones

August 25, 2017By

Family-owned producer Luck Stone is on technology’s cutting edge with its approach to UAVs.

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Photo courtesy of DroneView Technologies

Surveying with a drone

August 21, 2017By

Consider that both photogrammetry and LiDAR offer viable advantages from the sky.

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Photo courtesy of Redbird

Navigating legal, logistical drone issues

January 9, 2017By

The sky is the limit for aggregate operations that can navigate the legal and logistical issues with drones.

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