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Says Turner Staffing Group’s Thomas Haun: “We don’t just want to bring somebody into the company to put a butt in a seat. I think that’s a recipe for failure.” Photo: izusek/E+/Getty Images

Why the industry must prioritize people again

July 1, 2022By

Thomas Haun of the newly formed Turner Staffing Group encourages every industry company to fully reexamine their approach to hiring and retention.

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Pennsylvania State University’s William Rothwell says periodic conversations with employees will reveal issues about their working conditions. Photo: izusek/E+/Getty Images

Solutions to the aggregate industry’s people problem

May 24, 2022By

Pit & Quarry’s Kevin Yanik explores the ongoing labor shortage in his latest column, relaying insights from industry leaders to overcome this major hurdle.

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Photo: P&Q Staff

How investing in people can change operations

May 4, 2022By and

Turner Mining Group’s Thomas Haun speaks with P&Q’s Kevin Yanik about where producers and contractors are on the challenging labor front.

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Photo: PamElla Lee Photography

Confidence builds around capex (Part 2)

August 23, 2021By

This Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference discussion centered around how capital expenditures fared through the pandemic and how technology will play a role in that environment going forward.

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Photo: PamElla Lee Photography

Producer panel offers insights on incoming workforce

April 22, 2020By

Although the industry continues to trend older, a new wave of leadership is emerging that doesn’t necessarily operate like those who came before them.

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