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While unpaid tax bills can break the bank at your company, aggregate producers can employ a number of strategies ahead of time to avoid interest and penalties. Photo: Burrell

When you owe the IRS

March 1, 2019By

If your business can’t pay a tax bill by its deadline, there are perfectly legitimate strategies that can minimize and even eliminate the fines and penalties.

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Quiz: Do you know the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act?

May 11, 2018By

Thanks to the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, the tax rate for incorporated aggregate businesses will be reduced. See if you know how else the act will affect producers.

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Photo: Manustrong

How to get the most out of employee stock ownership plans

April 16, 2018By

Use these tips to get the most from employee stock ownership plans and beyond just at retirement.

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Tax cuts should improve aggregate industry’s outlook

January 18, 2018By

Because of the new lower taxes and the extra incentives for business expansion and investment, the near-term outlook is much improved.

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Photo: Le Moal

Battling for independent contractor status

September 5, 2016By

When it comes to classifying workers as employees or independent contractors, be sure to get it right.

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Obama proposes six-year, $478 billion infrastructure budget

February 2, 2015By

President Barack Obama proposed a 14 percent tax on overseas profits that would raise $238 billion over six […]

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Gas tax an option for top Republican leader

January 5, 2015By

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), the incoming Republican leader of the Senate Transportation Committee, says a gas tax increase […]

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