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House, Senate reach multi-year highway bill agreement

December 1, 2015By

House and Senate lawmakers reached an agreement on a highway bill that would extend federal transportation funding for […]

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Patch would give Congress time for multi-year highway bill

November 17, 2015By

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure to extend federal highway funds until Dec. 4. The Senate […]

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Negotiators selected to mold passable highway bill

November 12, 2015By

The House and Senate selected members of both parties to serve as negotiators who can eliminate differences that […]

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Congress approves three-week highway bill

October 29, 2015By

Congress approved a measure to extend federal transportation funding for three weeks, reports The Hill, extending spending until […]

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Obama criticizes Congress for lack of long-term highway bill

August 3, 2015By

President Obama extended highway funding until late October after signing a three-month patch Congress provided him. But Obama, […]

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Chaos reigns on Capitol Hill

July 27, 2015By

Talk is cheap. And boy do members of the House and Senate like to talk. Especially when it […]

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Report: Senate, House Republicans torn on highway bill

July 24, 2015By

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is in favor of passing a six-year highway bill, The Hill reports, […]

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Senate’s focus this week: highway funding

July 20, 2015By

The Hill reports that work on a highway bill is expected to dominate the U.S. Senate’s work this […]

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