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In terms of rock strength, blasts today are often designed only considering rock density because rock generally gets stronger as it gets denser. Photo: iStock.com/xtrekx

Blasting mechanics: Material properties and powder factor

April 17, 2019By and

Read about the true influence rock strength, rock structure, velocity and powder factor have on a quarry blast’s effectiveness.

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Richard Ash presented key ratios 56 years ago that could be applied throughout surface blasting conditions to give comparisons between multiple types of operations. Photo: iStock.com/Xesai

Blasting mechanics revisited: Blasting design standards

February 21, 2019By and

Knowing how to control a blast’s effects is critical for your operation. Fortunately, basic principles emerged more than 50 years ago to simplify setup.

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Photo: P&Q Staff

Blasting Mechanics Revisited: The mechanics of rock breakage

January 28, 2019By and

Part 1 of a four-part Pit & Quarry series reflects on practical blasting concepts put forth more than a half-century ago, and how they remain highly relevant to aggregate producers today.

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