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Regal Rexnord: Reliability in the Toughest Conditions

February 8, 2024By

Regal Rexnord™ creates a better tomorrow with sustainable solutions that power, transmit, and control motion in the asphalt […]

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Photo: Force Control Industries

Cutting-edge components for aggregate operations

July 21, 2023By

Preview the very latest in aggregate equipment and components from Renewable Lubricants, Regal Rexnord and Force Control Industries.

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Photo: Superior Industries

Quarry Faces: July 2023

July 17, 2023By

Check out photos from NSSGA’s Young Leaders Annual Meeting, a Superior Industries signing day, and previously unpublished photos from ConExpo-ConAgg.

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Autogard torque limiters act as a mechanical circuit breaker to protect a drivetrain, disengaging the driving and driven sides in the event that a jam or overload creates a torque spike that exceeds its preset torque value. Photo: Regal Rexnord

Regal Rexnord redesigns torque limiter series

June 29, 2023By

The company says the design of the Autogard F400 series increases torque capacity and expands the product’s application range.

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Photo: Regal Rexnord

Regal Rexnord Perceptiv

November 1, 2022By

Monitoring your equipment remotely with Perceptiv intelligence maximizes efficiency, minimizes downtime, and custom alerts help to facilitate a predictive maintenance strategy.

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Photo: ABB

Power transmission components to enhance your operation

October 21, 2022By

Some of the latest offerings available to operators in this equipment category are from ABB, Master Power Transmission, Regal Rexnord and VDG.

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Regal Rexnord says the AirMax Pro Smart breather can protect gearboxes and keep them running for longer. Photo: Regal Rexnord

Gearbox breather helps to extend equipment life

August 25, 2022By

Regal Rexnord is now utilizing its Perceptiv connected technology to monitor gearboxes in real time.

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Photo: Regal Rexnord

Power transmission components to improve operations

January 20, 2022By

NTN Bearing Corp. of America, VDG, Regal Rexnord and Shell Lubricant Solutions offer some of the latest technologies in power transmission.

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