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Hurricane’s impact potentially lasting for Martin Marietta, others

November 2, 2016By

Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc last month along the East Coast, and Martin Marietta Materials is among those cleaning up from the storm.

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US infrastructure not overly topical at presidential, VP debates

October 5, 2016By

The first two debates covered a lot of ground, but one area of interest that went virtually untouched in both debates was U.S. infrastructure.

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Photo courtesy of Lafarge.

Lafarge emphasizes quality control for recycling operation

August 24, 2016By

What makes Aggneo unique from other recycled aggregates, and how exactly is Lafarge producing these aggregates?

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A Volvo CE executive offers some insights on the rigid hauler market and the state of Terex Trucks.

Terex Trucks rep reflects on brand, state of rigid hauler market

July 21, 2016By

A Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) executive offered some insights on the rigid hauler market and the state […]

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Photo: iStock.com/mphillips007

Report breaks down potential beneficiaries of ‘Trump Wall’

July 19, 2016By

A Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. report offers a breakdown of the “Trump Wall,” including construction materials companies that could potentially benefit.

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Volvo representative, Amswede representative stand in front of Volvo DR860 articulated hauler. Photo courtesy of Volvo Construction Equipment.

Oldest active Volvo hauler located in California

July 11, 2016By

Volvo Construction Equipment rewards a California recycling contractor for maintaining a 48-year-old haul truck.

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Considerations to make when evaluating drones

Considerations to make when evaluating drones

June 7, 2016By

Drones continue to captivate aggregate producers, many of whom are currently exploring how to incorporate the technology to […]

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Qualities that make good leaders

May 6, 2016By

What’s the one thing you must have to be a leader? Is it commitment, competency or compassion? How […]

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