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Tag: National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health

An example of solid and liquid contaminants observed during the shadowing period. Photo courtesy of NIOSH

Overcoming common slip, trip and fall hazards

Check out these proactive measures, based on National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health research, to help your operation avoid serious incidents.

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Crusher operators undoubtedly deal with as much noise as anyone within an aggregate operation. Photo by Kevin Yanik

Monitoring workplace noise to improve employee health

June 28, 2019By

Technology can play a key role in the long-term health of your employees, but some operations need to first understand and consider exactly what’s at stake.

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Photo courtesy of NIOSH

Identifying safety risks through panorama photos

Capturing and studying panoramic photos is one way aggregate producers can build up their hazard recognition skills during safety training.

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Workers whose feet are wet for prolonged periods can experience illness or injury as a result. Photo:

When work boots wear out

March 5, 2019By and

The National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health is nearing completion of a study measuring work boot tread wear to determine the safety of miners.

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An illustration exhibits vibration in three directions: vertical (z), side to side (y) and back to chest (x). Photo courtesy of NIOSH.

Preventing exposure to whole-body vibration

January 30, 2019By

How vibration from heavy machinery affects operator health, and what you can do to minimize the intensity and frequency of these common events.

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Specific requirements, precautions and hazards associated with impact crusher equipment operation and the general work area must be communicated to, and understood by, everyone involved in the operation. Photo: Stedman

The 5 hazardous co-workers around crushers

January 29, 2019By

Working alongside impact crushers and other key quarry equipment is dangerous when the wrong attitude is brought to the task.

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Photo courtesy of NIOSH

Quiz: Are you an expert at recognizing safety hazards?

June 15, 2018By

Recognizing safety hazards is the first step in maintaining a safe work environment. Test your knowledge to see how much you know about recognizing hazards.

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Photo courtesy of the National Institute for Occupational Safety Health

Effectively recognizing safety hazards at worksites

Which competencies are most critical for a “competent person” to adequately perform a workplace examination?

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