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Photo: P&Q Staff

Assessing the construction materials industry right now

May 16, 2023By , and

FMI Capital Advisors’ George Reddin, Rob Mineo and Evan Coughlin explain why producers are positioned well as they begin their core operating season.

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Says The Frazier Quarry’s Kevin Baker: “We really try to focus on our cost per ton and our cost per hour with all of our folks and try to make our decisions around those types of metrics.” Photo: The Frazier Quarry

What dynamics are driving construction materials right now

October 25, 2022By

FMI Capital Advisors’ George Reddin and Rob Mineo offer reflections on the construction materials market while previewing what’s expected for the remainder of 2022 and 2023.

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Riprap and boulders represent about 15 percent of Albert Frei & Sons’ revenue, yet only 2 percent of its volume, President Albert Frei Jr. says. Photo by Kevin Yanik

Momentum still on the industry’s side

April 25, 2022By and

Although inflation, rising interest rates and the supply chain present serious issues, plenty of runway remains for construction materials producers to grow.

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Says PPI’s Jeff Poe: “You can have a conveyor track perfectly in the center for years, and then all of a sudden it will want to track to the left or the right.” Photo: P&Q Staff

Positive momentum established for the year ahead

February 5, 2021By and

After a year of uncertainty, FMI Capital Advisors’ George Reddin and Scott Duncan write that a few key drivers should propel the construction materials industry forward in 2021.

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FMI anticipates the next industry transactions that close will be driven first by buyer synergies. Photo: P&Q Staff

Uncertainty persists in the M&A world

October 8, 2020By and

FMI’s George Reddin and Scott Duncan offer three key developments to watch as the fourth quarter unfolds for mergers and acquisitions.

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Smaller bolt-on transactions and a dearth of larger transactions dominated industry M&A in 2019. Photo: PQ Staff

Economic factors to consider in the new year, decade

February 21, 2020By and

Slow growth has replaced volatile, but robust, economic expansion in the United States. The market for construction materials in 2020 will be complex.

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Divestitures are sometimes required to complete a deal involving crushed stone, sand and gravel operations. Photo: iStock.com/peuceta

The latest merger & acquisition influencers

November 25, 2019By and

While the economic fundamentals are favorable, FMI’s George Reddin and Scott Duncan explain why buyers of construction materials firms remain rather selective.

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