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Obamacare and the road ahead

July 17, 2017By

While Congress attempts to overhaul the nation’s health care law, businesses, including aggregate producers, must continue to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

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Strategies for achieving tax savings

April 10, 2017By

With tax filing deadlines approaching, consider some ways to achieve tax savings.

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Determining when revenue is considered income

February 10, 2017By

Find out what aggregate producers should know about new revenue recognition standards.

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Capitalizing on equipment repairs

January 9, 2017By

Learn to determine whether repairs, maintenance and improvement expenses count as capital expenditures.

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Battling for independent contractor status

September 5, 2016By

When it comes to classifying workers as employees or independent contractors, be sure to get it right.

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Law could provide tax relief for aggregate producers

April 6, 2016By

Once again, lawmakers waited until late in the year to pass another “extenders” bill. The new “Protecting Americans […]

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Understanding tax write-offs

February 29, 2016By

As many in the aggregate industry have learned, our ever-changing tax rules make it difficult to get the […]

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Battling city hall

November 21, 2015By

Consider it the perfect Catch-22: Businesses are making less money and paying less in taxes at the same […]

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Worker magnets

October 5, 2015By

How can any aggregates mining operation hope to compete for the dwindling number of workers available in today’s […]

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