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Maximizing plant uptime requires producers to consider a long list of factorsimpacting their conveying system. Photo by Kevin Yanik

Effective conveyor, material handling maintenance practices

October 8, 2019By

Adjustments to ease the maintenance around your conveying and material handling equipment.

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Argonics' OTR sidewall protector offers tires protection from harsh environments. Photo courtesy of Argonics

Argonics protection system reduces stress, damage to tires

February 20, 2019By

Argonics unveiled its OTR sidewall protector at AGG1 2019.

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Programs are available that can take tire performance data and upload it to a cloud-based platform for password protected storage and easy access. Quarries can then download captured tire data into easy-to-read, customizable reports that show tire performance. Photo: Goodyear

Cost-centric tire adjustments

February 15, 2019By

Elevate the efficiency of your mobile equipment by intensifying your focus on these five overlooked maintenance areas.

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With the potential for fewer breakdowns and more productivity, doing routine maintenance and researching new, long-lasting screen media options is a worthwhile – and profitable – use of time. Photo courtesy of Haver & Boecker

4 steps to long-lasting screen media

January 21, 2019By

When it comes to screen media, spending a little extra time on preventative maintenance can have a noticeably positive effect on profits.

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ABB's Artur Rdaznek shows what the collected data looks like via his smartphone through the ABB Ability app. Photo by Allison Barwacz

The digitalization of the aggregate industry

January 18, 2019By

Aggregate producers are constantly searching for ways to improve their efficiencies and safety – and many turn to digital technologies as solutions.

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Idling engines can use a considerable amount of fuel. A large diesel engine, for example, can consume as much as one gallon of fuel every hour it idles. Photo courtesy of Petro-Canada Lubricants

Alleviating the effects of idling engines

December 20, 2018By

How lubricants offer protection while improving fuel economy

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Motion Industries president, CEO dies

August 20, 2018By

Tim Breen assumed responsibility for all Motion Industries locations across the U.S. in 2011.

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Photo courtesy of Luck Stone.

How old equipment gets new life at Luck Stone

April 9, 2018By

How Luck Stone successfully achieves second and, sometimes, third lives for its load-and-haul equipment.

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