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Turner Mining Group’s Keaton Turner says equipment dealers are less inclined to rent what little inventory they have left. Photo: P&Q Staff

Producers pressing to make equipment purchases

September 1, 2022By

While equipment rentals were recently en vogue, current supply dynamics are driving aggregate producers to buy once again.

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Although aggregate producers have historically hidden behind their berms, Bond Construction Corp.’s Karen Hubacz says operations should be out in front of their communities and promoting the good they do. Photo: P&Q Staff

How to build a more ‘sustainable’ aggregate industry

August 29, 2022By

2022 Pit & Quarry Roundtable participants discussed sustainability as an opportunity, including educating the public about the industry’s role in society.

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Turner Mining Group’s Keaton Turner says all of his company’s employees see the impacts of inflation’s doing. “Whether they feel it or not, they’re asking for pay increases,” he says. Photo: PamElla Lee Photography

How producers, manufacturers are managing inflation

July 26, 2022By

Participants at the 2022 Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference discussed the rapidly changing economic environment, exploring best approaches to price increases on a variety of fronts.

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Says Turner Staffing Group’s Thomas Haun: “We don’t just want to bring somebody into the company to put a butt in a seat. I think that’s a recipe for failure.” Photo: izusek/E+/Getty Images

Why the industry must prioritize people again

July 1, 2022By

Thomas Haun of the newly formed Turner Staffing Group encourages every industry company to fully reexamine their approach to hiring and retention.

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Aggregate producers are largely optimistic about 2022 despite lingering issues such as the pandemic, equipment supply delays and workforce shortages. Photo: P&Q Staff

Producers remain optimistic despite continued headwinds

April 1, 2022By

Aggregate producers are very upbeat about the production season ahead, although issues with the supply chain, workforce and pandemic remain in play.

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Turner Mining Group secures mining contract through 2030

November 23, 2021By

Turner Mining Group has a new deal in the Eastern U.S. that involves full site development, earthworks, dry and wet mining and more.

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With a new administration in power and new regulations coming, Pat Jacomet of the Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association argues that it’s essential that educational field services be permitted to work alongside producers. Photo: PamElla Lee Photography

The aggregate industry braces for regulatory change (Part 2)

September 11, 2021By

P&Q’s 2021 Roundtable presented a forum to discuss the greatest shifts – or lack thereof – in the Mine Safety & Health Administration since the onset of the Biden administration.

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Turner Mining Group names vice president of equipment

August 12, 2021By

Turner Mining Group added Jeremy Alford as vice president of equipment to oversee all aspects of its heavy equipment and light fleet as its presence expands across the North American mining sector.

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Turner Mining Group expands Utah mining team

May 28, 2021By

The team additions include several new hires with experience in mine engineering, planning, estimating, safety and operations.

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