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Photo: P&Q Staff

What to expect in nonresidential construction in 2022

December 29, 2021By and

Although warehousing has fueled nonresidential construction of late, Dodge Construction Network’s Richard Branch expects other forms of construction in the sector to pick up the pace in 2022.

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What’s ahead for residential construction in 2022

December 22, 2021By and

Dodge Construction Network chief economist Richard Branch shares his outlook for a construction category that really took off over the last couple of years.

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Looking ahead to 2022 in Wisconsin

December 16, 2021By and

Travis Wise, vice president and general manager at Wingra Stone, offers an industry outlook for 2022, detailing what needs to happen in order to have a good outcome over the next 12 months.

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Cemex’s Alan Maio describes a changing environment where contractors who used to handle simple jobs like stripping are taking on bigger tasks in aggregate production. Photo courtesy of PamElla Lee Photography

Maio: Interest rates, housing permits provide reason for hope

August 12, 2020By

Proudfoot’s Alan Maio offers a glass-half-full outlook on the road ahead for the aggregate industry.

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Reddin: Backlogs, continuing resolution should sustain industry through 2020

August 5, 2020By

FMI Capital Advisors’ George Reddin shares his expectations for the year’s remaining months and what’s ahead for the aggregate industry.

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Arcosa’s Scott Alexander has experience as both a small and large producer. He feels so much of purchasing – regardless of size – comes back to relationships. Says Alexander: “It’s just who you trust.” Photo: PamElla Lee Photography

Alexander: Looking to replicate the first half 
in the months to come

August 3, 2020By

Arcosa’s Scott Alexander sees big opportunities ahead once the coronavirus pandemic passes the aggregate industry on by.

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Says Turner Mining Group's Keaton Turner: "Social distancing is not a huge disruptor for us." Photo: Zach Stinton

Catching up with Turner Mining Group

March 31, 2020By

Turner Mining Group’s Keaton Turner and Tracy O’Brien visited with P&Q to reflect on the coronavirus pandemic, its impact on the industry and their outlook for the future.

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Trade deals boost the outlook for the industry

March 3, 2020By

Benefits from new trade agreements with China, Canada and Mexico will begin to show positive results by this summer and keep jobs growing at a solid pace.

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Aggregate producers located in the South and Mountain states are in a position to benefit from migration in the coming years. Photo by Kevin Yanik

The five-year aggregate industry outlook

December 5, 2019By

While construction and the economy remain relatively healthy, S-C Market Analytics’ David Chereb says there’s still potential for aggregate sales to be disrupted in 2020.

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