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FMI leaders discuss the flow of IIJA funds

September 12, 2023By and

FMI Capital Advisors’ Rob Mineo and George Reddin offer an update on Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) funding, what held up their flow and what the market can expect in 2024.

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How IIJA funds are flowing thus far

September 6, 2023By and

BMC Enterprises’ Nathan McKean shares his experience with Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) projects while offering an outlook for residential and nonresidential construction.

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Over the past 75 days, FMI Capital Advisors’ Construction Materials Index (CMI)* has outperformed the “general market” by more than 15 percent.

How construction materials firms are faring versus the ‘general market’

June 5, 2023By , and

FMI Capital Advisors’ Construction Materials Index illustrates how the industry has been on a good run over the last two and a half months.

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Dodge: Banking on nonbuilding construction

May 17, 2023By and

Increased funding from the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act has the nonbuilding construction sector set up well, but future disbursement delays could slow the sector.

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Dodge Construction Network’s Richard Branch says residential construction starts increased for two consecutive months – something not seen for more than a year. Photo: jhorrocks/E+/Getty images

What to expect in the coming months for construction

May 17, 2023By

Despite ongoing economic pressures, the construction industry remains strong through four-plus months of 2023.

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Evaluating the current state of construction

May 2, 2023By and

While the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act and a boon in manufacturing starts are helping some construction sectors, others are feeling more strain from rising interest rates, says Dodge Construction Network’s Richard Branch.

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How sustainability fits into business (Part 1)

April 26, 2023By

Construction materials producers and equipment manufacturers explore the many facets of sustainability within the industry.

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Says Route 82 Sand & Gravel’s Stewart Petrovits: “We anticipate a strong 2023. We’re a month in and we’re already washing material – which is unheard of.” Photo: PamElla Lee Photography

What 2023 can offer the aggregate industry (Part 1)

April 18, 2023By

Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference attendees share why they expect the months ahead to bear plenty of fruit for their businesses during a January discussion.

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AEM: Long-term hopes remain high for equipment manufacturers

April 12, 2023By

An Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) survey shows that while member manufacturers are still experiencing issues, there is hope that they will be resolved.

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