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FMI: Favorable roads lie ahead

June 11, 2018By and

While the market trembles, the fundamentals remain very positive for the construction materials sector.

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Johnson on the road ahead for infrastructure

April 23, 2018By

Take a look at a conversation with the NSSGA’s Mike Johnson on the legislative and government outlook for 2018 at the P&Q Roundtable and Conference.

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Nation’s newest debts present obstacle for infrastructure reform

March 5, 2018By

Mike Johnson, president and CEO of the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, outlines the road ahead to pass a federal infrastructure bill.

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Making the case for infrastructure funds

January 26, 2018By

What’s next on the infrastructure policy front? Mike Johnson, president and CEO of the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, explores.

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Details of Trump’s infrastructure plan come to light

January 26, 2018By

President Donald Trump is expected to discuss infrastructure in his State of the Union address, but an undated leaked document outlines a number of the plan’s details.

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Aggregate industry calls for infrastructure funding

December 29, 2017By

Fifty-six percent of producers say the federal government is not providing enough funds to support infrastructure projects.

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Time to address the Highway Trust Fund, group says

September 12, 2017By

The Highway Materials Group (HMG) urges Congress in a letter to enact a long-term, robust and sustainable funding mechanism that addresses the Highway Trust Fund shortfall.

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House lawmakers push for fix of Highway Trust Fund

June 13, 2017By

More than 250 members of the U.S. House of Representatives want to see a fix for the Highway Trust Fund included in any tax reform package this year.

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