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Keeping the areas around screens clean not only keeps employees safe, but avoids the potential of product contamination occurring. Photo by Kevin Yanik

Making safety strides around screens

November 27, 2019By

Unified Screening & Crushing’s Austin Gwyther offers four practices to produce safer work environments.

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Photo:Gene Fisher, left, attended a number of equipment auctions with his son, Tommy, as he prepared him to lead Fisher Industries. Photo: Fisher Industries

P&Q Hall of Fame Profile: Gene Fisher

February 16, 2019By

The North Dakota quarry man who made a lasting impact through commitment and innovation.

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Photo courtesy of Fisher Industries.

Fisher Industries celebrates milestones

September 18, 2017By

Fisher Industries marked the 65th year in business for Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. this summer, as well as the 50th year for General Steel & Supply Co.

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