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Slowing the speed of the screw will allow finer sand to be processed. Photo: EIW

Best operational practices for fine material washers

August 23, 2023By

Eight tips to elevate uptime and, ultimately, get more sand out of your equipment.

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Photo: EIW

How to maintain sand classifying tanks, fine material screw washers

July 27, 2021By

Maintaining a site’s washing and classifying equipment is vital when it comes to keeping equipment up and running and downtime to a minimum.

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The Eagle Trek TSP features an EIW classifying tank over the top of a double screw washer. Photo: EIW

New EIW line standardizes portable washing solutions

December 8, 2020By

Eagle Iron Works (EIW) is now offering two standard portable lines that are available in a range of sizes, depending on needs.

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Photo: Eagle Iron Works

EIW Dewatering Screen

April 10, 2020By

Eagle Iron Works’ new Dewatering Screen specifically accepts material from a Fine Material Screw or a Bucket Wheel, designed to fit under any screw washer.

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A water scalping tank is similar to a classifying tank. Photo courtesy of Eagle Iron Works.

The basics of classifying tanks and screw washers

November 30, 2018By

Starting points to get your operation out of the gate with this equipment.

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An electric motor with a V-belt drive into a shaft-mounted reducer typically turns the screw shaft of a fine material screw washer. V-belts should be periodically inspected for wear. Photo courtesy of McLanahan Corp.

Maintaining your classifying tank, fine material screw washer

November 9, 2018By

Tips and tricks to keep your classifying tank and fine material screw washer up and running.

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EIW, LLC Fine Material Washers

October 21, 2017By

Available in single and double screw units, EIW, LLC’s Fine Material Washers have three primary functions: washing, dewatering and classification.

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