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Says The Sunrock Group’s Bryan Pfohl: “When it comes to maintenance, we like to plan for events. And it’s all about the relationship with those you do business with. If they haven’t got it – and sometimes they don’t – it becomes ‘when can you get it?’” Photo: P&Q Staff

Sunrock, Sykes Supply leaders reflect on the industry (Part 2)

December 4, 2023By

The conversation between The Sunrock Group’s Bryan Pfohl and Sykes Supply’s Steve Zelnak continues with more reflections on the past and insights about today’s industry.

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From the surge pile and feeders to the scalping/sizing screen and the standard crusher, these pieces of the puzzle making up your plant all rely on each other to successfully crush. Photo: Mellott

Keeping your secondary plant going strong (Part 2)

September 8, 2023By

Having a routine and knowing what to regularly inspect are critical to avoid downtime and maintain a safe operation.

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Before modifying a conveyor, engineers recommend verifying that the conveying system is operating in an environment and on an application for which it was originally designed. Photo: baileystock/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Considerations to make when upgrading your conveying system

September 6, 2023By

Explore the many factors that must be considered when capacity increases on conveyors are desired.

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Photo: Mellott

Preventive maintenance tips for your primary crusher (Part 1)

August 11, 2023By

Marion Machine’s Brandon Godman details eight steps operators should work into their routines to ensure plant uptime.

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Silts, dust and clay can be removed with the right washing process. Photo: EIW

Guidelines to effectively maintain classifying tanks

July 10, 2023By

Learn how maintaining classifying tanks effectively can reduce unexpected downtime and optimize function.

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Engine oil and coolants should be closely monitored to prevent unnecessary downtime. Photo: Develon

Seven maintenance tips to minimize loader downtime

June 19, 2023By

Learn how a thoughtful preventive maintenance plan can help your operation cope with tough operating conditions.

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Proper haul road maintenance and accompanying equipment offer the potential to decrease the risk of significant expenses such as tire replacement and unexpected downtime. Photo: Philippi-Hagenbuch

Overhauling haul road maintenance

June 15, 2023By

Philippi-Hagenbuch’s Josh Swank explains how operators can increase efficiency and safety through haul truck customization.

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Photo: Mi Conveyance Solutions, Martin Sprocket & Gear

How to correct common belt maintenance errors

April 5, 2023By

Motion Industries’ Corey Jackson discusses three common errors in belt maintenance and what producers can do to fix them.

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Photo: P&Q Staff

McLanahan debuts screen-over-screw plant at ConExpo

March 31, 2023By

McLanahan’s Mark Krause talks viewers through the features of the company’s brand-new wash plant. The screen-over-screw plant includes a rollaway chute that allows for safe and easy maintenance.

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