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Photo: koer/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Blasting: The story of breaking rock

September 11, 2020By

The final chapter in P&Q’s special series offers a history of blast design and what’s ahead to optimize quarry blasting.

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As early as 1833, drilling and blasting companies produced memos discussing the safety fuse and companywide adoption. Photo: DNY59/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Blasting Through the Ages: The evolution of initiation systems

August 5, 2020By

Step through time and observe how miners of the past initiated blasts, as well as how initiation systems became safer and more reliable.

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Blasting Through the Ages: Explosive advancement through the ages

July 20, 2020By

From Greek fire to packaged emulsions, explosives morphed dramatically over two millenniums into the sophisticated solutions available today.

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An underground drill jumbo is an example of percussive drilling. The first mechanized percussive drill was invented in 1844 using compressed air to apply the percussive load to strike the drill. Photo: AcademyBlasting.com

Blasting Through the Ages: A brief history of drilling

June 11, 2020By

P&Q debuts a four-part series with a reflection on drilling’s centuries-old history and an exploration of exciting technology to come.

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