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Supreme Manufacturing unveils conveyor line, dredges

By |  February 20, 2019

Supreme Manufacturing introduced its own conveyor product line, as well as clamshell dredges, at the 2019 AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo in Indianapolis.


The conveyor product line consists of four different offerings: floating conveyors, overland conveyors, monorail and radial stacking conveyors, and specialized conveyors.


Supreme’s floating conveyors are built specifically for moving material over water from a dredge or barge to land. Photo courtesy of Supreme Manufacturing

The Supreme Manufacturing floating conveyors are built specifically for moving material over water from a dredge or barge to land, thus avoiding transporting materials around the perimeter of water. The floating conveyors are built with heavy-duty idlers and bearings, galvanized metal to reduce rust, and catwalks for safe maintenance. Additionally, the discharge through the radial bearing ensures an even feeding on the next conveyors, reducing the loss of materials.

The company’s overland conveyors assist in moving large quantities of material while also minimizing production costs.

The monorail and radial stacking conveyors are designed for storage space efficiency. The conveyors are equipped with either manual or powered travel option and either static or variable height with manual or powered adjustment option allowing for additional storage space.

As for the specialized conveyors, Supreme’s engineering and application teams custom design conveyors that include covered units for keeping talcum power dry and contained and heavy-duty, high-impact units for large materials.



Supreme’s clamshell dredges only require one machine and one operator. Photo courtesy of Supreme Manufacturing

Supreme’s clamshell dredges are customized for efficiency and reliability, according to the company.

The clamshell dredges only require one machine and one operator, as opposed to four machines and four operators. The one-man operation can be handled via computerized equipment on board, reducing the number of man-hours needed, which, in turn, reduces labor costs and downtime.

In addition, the clamshell dredge prevents materials from sitting in piles for extended periods of time while they wait to dry before being loaded into transport trucks for processing by using dewatering screens to process the material onto conveyors.

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