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Summer accident surge alarming to MSHA

By |  September 8, 2021

MSHA logo 600x400MSHA, in response to the accidents classified as “falling, rolling or sliding rock or material of any kind” and “slip or fall of person,” put forth best practices for operators to follow.

Regarding “falling, rolling or sliding rock or material of any kind,” MSHA advises operators to use fall protection when a potential fall hazard exists, ensure fall protection has a suitable fall arrest and secure the anchorage system.

Also, MSHA says miners should examine working places to identify loose ground or unstable conditions before work begins, after blasting and as changing ground conditions warrant. Operators should ensure examiners have the adequate training and experience to recognize potential hazards, as well.

Yet another MSHA best practice in this area is to assess risks and control hazards before beginning work activities. Miners should remain a safe distance from cracks and any sign of unstable ground.

Additionally, ensure a safe means of access is provided and maintained to all working places. And use personnel lifts and ladders as required, the agency says.

Lastly, MSHA says miners should be trained to ensure they perform work safely, use tools properly and utilize personal protective equipment correctly.

Other best practices

MSHA also issued best practices following the “slip or fall of person” accident.

To avoid these incidents, MSHA reiterates the idea that a safe means of access is provided and maintained to all working places. Fall protection is critical to avoid these incidents, too.

Additionally, work areas, tools and equipment should be examined before work. Defects should be reported and corrected, and unsafe equipment should not be used.

MSHA adds that risks should be assessed and hazards eliminated or controlled before beginning maintenance activities. Miners should not put themselves in positions that expose them to hazards while performing tasks.

As of Aug. 12, MSHA says 24 mining fatalities occurred across the industry in 2021.

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