Listening tour to assess state’s transportation infrastructure funding needs

By |  April 24, 2015

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) plans to kick off a series of listening sessions in the next month to discuss the state’s transportation infrastructure needs and the steps required to ensure the right investments are made.

According to the Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers (IAAP), IDOT plans to engage residents, businesses, local leaders and stakeholders to identify the infrastructure challenges the state of Illinois faces. IDOT and Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration (R-Ill.) are promoting the tour as a component to influence their plans for a long-term transportation infrastructure program, the association says.

“We’re strongly encouraging our members to get out and make sure our industry voice is heard on this issue,” says Dan Eichholz, IAAP associate director. “Since Gov. Rauner was elected, he’s indicated that funding transportation infrastructure is a priority of his. Part of the idea of this listening tour is to go out and hear not only the needs, but get ideas from local citizens on the best way to meet those needs.”

Eichholz expects the Rauner administration to publicize its funding proposals for long-term transportation infrastructure at the conclusion of the listening tour.

“The needs in Illinois are very similar to the needs we have at the federal level,” Eichholz says. “We need action at the state and federal level.”

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