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Syntron Material Handling, headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi, is a world leader in delivering innovative material handling solutions. For over 100 years, Syntron has been at the forefront of conveying and vibration technology, providing exceptional performance and value in bulk material handling through our Link-Belt and Syntron legacy brands. Syntron serves industries such as mining, aggregates, chemicals, pulp and paper, packaging, and food.

Link-Belt LB3000 Taper Roller Bearing Idlers

There is a common belief today that conveyor belt idlers are a “one-size fits all” commodity product, but the data tells a different story. All conveyor belt idlers are not created equal, and it is important to apply the correct idler for each application. Depending on the design, some idlers can be expected to stay in service for up to 100% longer than their competitors. Using standards set by the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association, the Link-Belt LB3000 Idler from Syntron Material Handling is designed to provide a life expectancy that rates at the top of the industry.

Instead of relying on ball bearings like many commodity idler products in the market today, the LB3000 is designed around a tapered roller bearing with a L10 Bearing Life Rating of 60,000 hours as compared to a rating of 30,000 hours for a ball bearing idler. In addition to the higher L10 rating, the LB3000 is also equipped with taconite rated seals that provide some of the highest ratings currently available against the ingress of dust and moisture. The seal is designed using a labyrinth backed by oil-soaked felt which provides superb protection against contamination without negatively impacting roll resistance. The LB3000 also employs a bi-functional internal center tube that provides increased rigidity, reduces deflection, and is completely full of lubrication that will continually pass through the bearing and clean the seals over time.

Early predecessors to the LB3000 have provided years, and in many cases, decades of trouble-free service. The new LB3000 offers the same advantages as these legacy products but will include upgrades like broached shaft ends which will allow the LB3000 to retrofit into many competitors’ idler frames.

Idlers are the only real insurance policy that your conveyor belt has. You can significantly extend the life of your belt and avoid costly downtime by properly selecting the correct idlers for your application. Contact Syntron Material Handling today and let one of our specialists help you increase productivity and reduce downtime by selecting the best idler for your application.

SyntroFlo Cone Crusher Loading Feeder

Cone crushers are one of the most commonly used types of crushers in quarries across the globe due to their wide range of processing capacity and the efficiency in which they produce a consistently sized product. One often overlooked variable that can significantly impact the efficiency of a cone crusher is the manner in which it is loaded. Selecting the proper method to “choke feed” a cone crusher is integral in allowing the cone crusher to operate at maximum efficiency.

Feeding a cone crusher with a traditional feeder, conveyor, or rotary feed distributor results in non-homogenous flow into the crusher, allowing voids to form as rock enters the crusher. This prevents rock-on-rock crushing from occurring, causing large amounts of rock to pass by the close side setting, which then must be scalped and recirculated back through the crusher. This can also lead to uneven wear on cone crusher parts as well as reduced productivity due to the recirculation.

The best way to increase the efficiency of a cone crusher is to feed it from directly above with a homogenous mixture of rock, allowing rock-on-rock crushing to occur on all sides of the crusher. This can be accomplished by using a SyntroFlo Cone Crusher Feeder. The SyntroFlo can increase crusher first pass productivity by 30-40% while promoting even wear on the crusher components, a balanced load on bearings, and reduced current and torque surge on motors leading to reduced maintenance costs.

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