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At PPI, WE KEEP IT MOVING, and we have for 45 years this year.  How do WE KEEP IT MOVING?  With quality components, an excellent distribution channel, strategically placed inventory, and experts in the field developing problem solving solutions for our customers.

PPI’s Field application engineers are ready to assist with challenges including belt tracking, noise reduction, inventory recommendations, and much more. Application engineers are strategically located across the United States, Canada, and Latin America to support conveyor component needs and/or application problems quickly and efficiently.  PPI experts are not only experts in PPI conveyor components but in the entire conveyor system.

When dealing with a specific issue such as bearing failure, PPI field engineers can assist in determining the cause of the failures and help discover a solution.  In one example, an end user was dealing with a regular bearing failure every 1-2 months.  Replacing the bearings during operating hours caused a great deal in downtime.  Initially, the customer thought the bearings had been installed improperly so they had their own engineers come in to install them. However, they still struggled with the same issues.  After dealing with the continued failures month after month they brought in a PPI field engineer, and the recommendation was to try a Static Shaft Pulley (SSP®). The SSP uses a bearing mounted inside the pulley hub to provide exceptional bearing protection as well as eliminating shaft fatigue from bending moment stresses.  The replacement SSP lasted over 5 years, resulting in significant documented cost savings.  It turned out the structure was not exactly square which can cause bearings to be misaligned even when installed correctly.  The SSP design relieved this issue. Learn more about the SSP from PPI here:  https://www.ppi-global.com/product/static-shaft-pulley-sspr/#product-tabs


Another problem-solving solution from PPI is the EZ mount pulley.  When PPI field engineers arrive on site to survey an operation, they put together a map of all the conveyor components needed to keep an operation up and running.  PPI field engineers recently surveyed a location that had 21 conveyors with 129 unique pulley assemblies requiring an extensive critical spares plan. After careful review a standardization plan was developed to reduce critical inventory to 20 EZ Mount pulleys and 67 stub shafts. The EZ Mount spares plan greatly reduced the number of inventoried spares, decreasing their down-time as well as drastically reducing their inventory cost. The EZ mount pulley assembly from PPI allows for reduced inventory as well as fast and economical bearing and shaft replacement.  The pulley does not need to be removed from the conveyor.  Learn more about how the EZ Mount from PPI can save your operation in inventory and time: https://www.ppi-global.com/product/ez-mount-pulley/


As an industry leader PPI provides solutions and education to the industry. Use PPI’s training videos to learn more about conveyor systems or contact us to join us for one of our on-site hands-on training sessions.  Come learn from the industry leaders at PPI!


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