PCI® Launches Even More Solutions Through Innovation

PCI® has been developing Conveyor Pulleys and Components for nearly 40 years. An integral part of our success has been our commitment to understanding the ever-changing needs of our valued customers and developing solutions that turn application hurdles into success stories. It is this critical interaction that has fueled the development of three new products: Eradicator® Max style return rolls, The Dominator Heavy Duty Wing Pulleys, and Tension Indicating Take-Up Frames.

Eradicator® Max Style Return Rolls

Eradicator® Max Style Return Rolls

PCI’s Eradicator Max Return Roll addresses the performance shortfalls commonly associated with beater bar, squirrel cage and rubber disk style return rolls by maximizing unit strength, optimizing clean-out, and multiplying the serviceable hours of the unit.

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The Dominator HD Wing Pulley (8” – 12” Diameters)

Heavy duty wing pulleys are commonly constructed with gussets for added strength. However, with small diameter wing pulleys, there is not adequate height between the hub and the OD to accommodate an effective gusset angle, thereby no longer providing the desired reinforcement to the vulnerable wing member. With the launch of the new Dominator Wing Pulley, PCI provides enhanced wing strength by incorporating design cues of our successful Eradicator® Wing Pulley into a traditional wing pulley design.

To learn more: Visit PCI at Conexpo 2023 in Central Hall Booth # C32549

Tension Indicating Take-Up Frames

PCI® Tension Indicating Telescoping Take-Up Frames utilize spring pressure to help maintain belt tension and automatically adjust for belt stretch and sudden load changes. Another feature, exclusive to PCI, is the tension indicating scale, which provides a real time readout of the belt tension.

To learn more: Take-Up Frames & Covers – PCI, ProCal Innovations LLC.

Ice-Eradicator® Pulleys

PCI® patent pending Ice-Eradicator® is the world’s first proven solution to temper the costly effects of frozen conveyor belts. When installed in the head position, a drum style Ice-Eradicator® will de-ice and soften the conveyor belt encouraging startup in freezing conditions. PCI’s innovative technology can also be adapted to any Eradicator® or Deflector® wing pulley to discourage problems related to ice buildup in non-drive positions.

To learn more: Ice-Eradicator® – PCI, ProCal Innovations LLC.

The Eradicator® Wing Pulleys

PCI® innovations in the design of the Eradicator® product family combine the best features of a traditional wing pulley with several unique performance enhancing characteristics to create the optimum self-cleaning solution for virtually any environment. The Eradicator’s design benefits include:

To learn more: The Eradicator® – PCI, ProCal Innovations LLC


PCI’s knowledge and experience enables us to be your trusted advisor when it comes to providing the right product for your needs. Whether it’s dimensional adjustments, or analysis and application guidance to resolve problematic demands, PCI® provides Solutions Through Innovation!

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