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By |  March 1, 2021
Photo: Superior Industries

Superior’s Vantage automation gives operators the ability to monitor machine performance parameters. Photo: Superior Industries

Teamed with some of the greatest dealers in the country, Superior’s support agents are standing by and ready to assist any start-up projects.

In addition to on-site support, the manufacturer of crushing, screening, washing and conveying systems has a growing library of do-it-yourself technical materials to efficiently guide start-up and maintenance projects.

These products – and dozens of others in the manufacturer’s portfolio – are designed to reduce unpredictable costs and timing of maintenance matters.

Crushing automation

Programs like Superior’s Vantage automation allow operators the ability to monitor machine performance parameters, correct operational issues, and consistently practice predictive maintenance strategies. Warning systems alert to conditions like bowl float, excessive amperage or temperatures, and lubrication oil flow issues. Enjoy lunch a little longer!

Photo: Superior Industries

Superior’s Exterra belt cleaners are available with SFL technology. Photo: Superior Industries

Screening oil filtration

To prolong oil life, Superior offers a portable filtration system for its Guardian horizontal screens. The compact unit performs several functions, including prefiltering, dispensing or transferring oil. It’s manufactured with aluminum diamond plate, includes a two-stage filter, and is lighter than your kid’s backpack.

Washing screw bearing assembly

Valued by producers for extending bearing life in wet screw applications is Superior’s Safeguard outboard bearing assembly. By design, the bearing is installed out and away from the screw’s water tank for extra protection from damaging water and grit. A retrofit kit is available for at least a half-dozen competitor screws.

Photo: Superior Industries

According to Superior Industries, its material-shedding idlers last at least three times longer than traditional rubber rolls. Photo: Superior Industries

Belt scrapers with automatic tensioning

Superior’s Exterra belt cleaners are available with SFL technology. The system’s unique spring mechanism automatically maintains proper tension against the belt for the life of your urethane blade. What are you going to do with all the time you get back?

Material shedding idlers

Ever see an idler roll caked with sticky material? Allowed to continue, that roll can double in size, which confuses your belt and results in tracking issues. Upgrade to Urathon return rolls. The material-shedding idlers last at least three times longer than your grandpa’s traditional rubber rolls.

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