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By |  May 30, 2024
Photo: Epiroc
Photo: Epiroc

The SmartROC D65 is engineered to tackle the harshest conditions. It boasts intelligent features that optimize operations, enhance safety, and elevate productivity. Continuously evolving since its debut, it ensures sustained production and profitability.

This advanced rig consistently delivers precise, high-quality blastholes, thanks to its automated drilling and rod handling capabilities. With an extra-long feed option using 8m (26 feet) pipes, it can drill 16m (52 feet) production holes with a single rod addition, and its COP M7 hammer enables the drilling of 229mm (9 in) holes.

Despite its advanced capabilities, the SmartROC D65 is cost-effective to operate, managing compressor and engine rpm intelligently, resulting in 20% less fuel consumption and with a more efficient hydraulic system (less hoses and fittings) you can reduce the oil capacity by 300 liters (79 Gal) when compared to the FlexiROC. This reduces costs, simplifies servicing, enhances sustainability, and minimizes environmental impact.

Controlled via an advanced Rig Control System (RCS) displayed on a touch screen within a comfortable, air-controlled FOPS and ROPS-certified cabin, it provides comprehensive monitoring from drilling parameters to real-time Measure While Drilling (MWD) data.

A SmartROC rig from Epiroc promises to significantly elevate operational quality across the board. 

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