Rockster Recycler unveils wind sifter kit

By |  October 1, 2018

Rockster’s RVB1700 separates non-mineral components from final product. Photo courtesy of Rockster.

Rockster Recycler released its wind sifter retrofit kit for mobile crushing equipment to separate non-mineral components.

The wind sifter RVB1700 separates paper, wood or foils from the crushed material, according to the company, resulting in a cleaner and higher-quality final product.

The centerpiece of the RVB1700 is a variably adjustable blower which is connected by flexible hoses to the air nozzle, which is also adjustable in inclination. Air emerges through the slots of the air nozzle, blowing diagonally from below through the crushed material, allowing non-mineral components to be removed.

In addition, the RVB1700 is hydraulically-operated and can be integrated into each Rockster crushing plant, the company says. This retrofit kit can be installed in existing plants by the company’s service team.

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