RockShield Rubber Co. unveils rubber screen

By |  February 21, 2019
The RockSheild Rubber Co. 's RSX-16 rubber screen. Photo by Allison Barwacz.

RockShield Rubber Co.’s RSX-16 rubber screen. Photo by Allison Barwacz.

RockShield Rubber Co. debuted the RSX-16 during the 2019 AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo in Indianapolis.

The 16-in. rubber screen adds to the company’s existing lineup and offers more open area, easier maintenance and increased uptime.

According to the company, the wider 16-in. panel reduces the number of solid lands running the length of the deck, which allows for more openings across the width of the machine. The additional width also reduces the number of stringers required per screen deck, the company says, making the system lighter and putting less stress on the machine.

The RSX-16 width allows for quicker installation time and the use of less screening panels throughout the machine, the company adds. The panel does not require the use of bolts, fasteners or pins in removal. The company explains panels snap into place with the help of a mini sledge or similar tool.

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