Rigid-frame hauler debuts from Komatsu

By |  September 12, 2022
The HD1500-8E0 rigid-frame haul truck here is being loaded by a PC2000-736 excavator. Photo: Komatsu

The HD1500-8E0 rigid-frame haul truck here is being loaded by a PC2000-736 excavator. Photo: Komatsu

Komatsu introduced a new haul truck for mining and aggregate applications.

The HD1500-8E0 rigid-frame, off-highway haul truck has a rated payload of 153.2 tons, delivering what Komatsu describes as performance on grade while providing energy-saving technologies that lower fuel consumption.

With a 1,570-hp, Tier 4 Final Komatsu SDA16V159E-3 engine, Komatsu says the HD1500-8E0 helps drive high levels of productivity. A redesigned cab, combined with a MacPherson strut-type and hydropneumatic suspension, gives operators a smooth and comfortable ride, the company adds.

In addition to speed on grade, Komatsu says the HD1500-8E0 is equipped with hydraulic, wet, multiple-disc brakes on all four corners. The continuously cooled, large-capacity brakes act as a highly responsive retarder, Komatsu adds, providing operators with confidence at higher speeds when traveling downhill. Downhill descent can also be controlled by setting a desired travel speed with automatic retard speed control, which applies the brake retarder to maintain the desired setting and descend a road with confidence.

The HD1500-8E0 features a seven-speed, fully automatic transmission with two configurable reverse speeds. Komatsu’s advanced transmission with optimum modulation control system (K-ATOMiCS) provides electronic shift control with automatic clutch modulation, promoting optimized clutch engagement at every gear to provide smooth shifting without losing torque – offering a comfortable ride while helping to reduce material spillage.

Additionally, a ground-level service center is located at the bottom of the HD1500-8E0’s hydraulic tank, making engine, transmission, brake control and hydraulic oil filling evacuation ports accessible in one central location. An automatic greasing system helps minimize maintenance time by automatically supplying grease at predetermined intervals, Komatsu says, and a battery-disconnect switch – located on the left side of the vehicle – is accessible from the ground level.

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