Report: Aggregate industry reaps economic benefits

By |  March 7, 2017

The Phoenix Center released an economic scorecard, “The Economic Impact of the Natural Aggregates Industry: A National, State, and County Analysis,” which details the effect of the aggregate industry on the economy and jobs.

According to the scorecard, quarries are significant contributors to the economic well-being of the United States. The industry generates $27 billion in annual sales and employs 100,000 skilled workers earning above-average rates, the scorecard adds.

In addition, the aggregate industry supports $122 billion in national sales, $32 billion in national earnings, and between 364,000 and 600,000 jobs across a range of occupations and industries. According to the scorecard, each job in the industry supports an additional 4.87 jobs throughout the economy, and each dollar of earnings creates another $4.19 of earnings in other sectors.

The scorecard also notes that production in the aggregate industry is closely linked to the construction and maintenance of residential, commercial and government buildings, as well as transportation infrastructure.

Download the entire free report here.

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