Pullen: Why effective communication is a must

By |  March 25, 2021
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Editor’s note: As part of our Road to Recovery coverage, P&Q is turning to some of the industry’s leaders for their takes on the road ahead. This month, producers were presented with the following questions: With the pandemic persisting for almost a full year, how has your company and its operations fared in maintaining the culture established prior to COVID-19? How has your culture been challenged over the last year, and what action have you taken, if any, to maintain it? Has your company culture changed in any way – for better or worse?

Luck Stone takes great pride in its mission to ignite the potential of people, and we were proactive in our efforts to build on our culture of collaboration and Values Based Leadership throughout this ongoing pandemic. 

We believe that in an environment where there’s high uncertainty and personal connection is challenged, clear and frequent communication is a must. To increase our associates’ and our organization’s capacity for resilience during times of crisis, we developed a set of values-based resiliency principles designed to inform and guide decision-making across the enterprise. 

As much as resilience involves “bouncing back” from difficult experiences, it can also involve profound personal and organizational growth. In that regard, we leaned into our commitment to accelerate our growth and learning throughout the COVID period so we can emerge even stronger than before.

Leaders learned to be more nimble and to act swiftly without all the facts. Associates excelled at new ways of doing work. Everyone actively pursued meaningful conversations and listened with care and empathy.

We will continue to embrace a resiliency mindset as we maneuver what promises to be an environment of high uncertainty amid significant social, economic and international shifts.

John Pullen is chief growth officer at Luck Companies.

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