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Producers invited to take second survey on coronavirus impacts

By |  April 30, 2020
Aggregate production continued on an upward path in the first two quarters of the year. Photo by Kevin Yanik

P&Q’s latest survey is designed for aggregate producers. Photo: P&Q Staff

Pit & Quarry continues to assess the impact of the coronavirus on the aggregate industry.

The magazine conducted a short survey of aggregate producers early this month to gain a collective understanding of the virus’ effects. P&Q has since launched a second survey for producers to take the temperature of the business landscape.

Producers are invited to take our latest survey dedicated to the coronavirus. We’re again interested in hearing how the pandemic has affected your ability to produce, if you’ve experienced canceled or delayed jobs, and whether or not you’ve adjusted your spending for 2020.

Producers who take the survey can share comments with most questions, and those interested in expanding beyond the survey are welcome to reach out to Pit & Quarry Editor-in-Chief Kevin Yanik to share additional insights.

We’ll plan to share the most relevant survey takeaways on, as well as in an upcoming print edition of the magazine.

For additional P&Q coverage related to the coronavirus, visit our dedicated webpage.

Kevin Yanik

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Kevin Yanik is the editor-in-chief of Pit & Quarry magazine. Yanik can be reached at 216-706-3724 or

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