P&Q Profile: Screen Machine’s Billy Stump II

By |  September 26, 2022
Billy Stump


Billy Stump II, now in his third year with Screen Machine Industries, paid P&Q a visit to share his latest aggregate industry observations.

How are your customers doing these days? What has their 2022 production season been like?

Our customers are doing well, but they have the same concerns we do as a manufacturer with supply chain issues and workforce. Our customers in the aggregate market specifically have had a very strong year but are struggling to keep up with demand. As a result, they are anticipating working through the traditional offseason to stay on track.

What sort of construction activity is driving equipment sales (i.e., residential, nonresidential, nonbuilding)? 

Our business has been positively impacted by all of these segments. Most states will be funded for infrastructure projects starting in 2023, with that continuing for a couple years beyond. This will create even more opportunities for mobile crushing and screening equipment. 

How about recycling? What are you seeing in that segment right now?

While all markets have seen an uptick, we feel recycling has yet to see its peak. With multiple states considering the addition of recycled concrete to their road-mix designs and forthcoming infrastructure projects, we anticipate recycling to steadily grow well into 2023 and beyond.

Photo: Screen Machine

Photo: Screen Machine Industries

What kind of demand are you seeing for equipment at the moment? Are customers eager to buy equipment this year, and how are sales trending for 2023? Also, what are rentals like at the moment?

Demand has continued to remain strong even with the rise of inflation and current fear of a potential recession. Customers are staying cautiously optimistic as there are still plenty of jobs and work being awarded. Customers are very eager to purchase and rent equipment, and there are currently no signs of this slowing down heading into 2023. With ConExpo-Con/Agg coming in March, that will hopefully provide additional energy to the market.

Compact plants have been a focus for Screen Machine the last couple of years. What’s driving interest in these plants?

Exposure is driving the interest. We had to work hard on developing an understanding with users of the need for this equipment and the market for them. Users now better know the applications and true need for the compact-sized equipment. 

These machines are attractive because they are more affordable in price and have a lower cost to operate. Our SMI Compact line offers a solution to users in areas where a smaller footprint is needed and for smaller projects where larger crushing and screening equipment is not necessary.

What’s the latest you’re seeing and experiencing with equipment lead times?

Lead times continue to be longer than normal due to machine demand, continued disruptions with supply chain and workforce. 

While supply chain has seen some improvement, finding and retaining workers – especially skilled labor workers – is a continuing challenge.

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