P&Q Profile: Duff Quarry’s Ross Duff

By |  April 11, 2018


Ross Duff, a fourth-generation miner, is spearheading technology and equipment advancements at Duff Quarry, his family’s mid-Ohio operation, where he serves as vice president.

P&Q: How did you get started in the aggregate industry?

Duff: I am fortunate and blessed to be the fourth generation working at the quarry and grew up around mining. It was a lot of fun as a kid and I learned a lot from working with my family and staff.

P&Q: What can you tell us about your family’s history and the origins of Duff Quarry?

Duff: Duff Quarry, originally C.E. Duff & Son, was founded by my late great-grandfather, Elder Duff, and my late grandfather, Jim Duff, approximately 70 years ago. They got their start by taking bank run and hand shoveling it into a gas 1-ton dump truck. When the opportunity presented itself, they bought their first quarry north of Huntsville, Ohio, and started what is now Duff Quarry. We have grown into a company that proudly employs over 65 talented staff through Duff Quarry and Ohio Ready Mix in multiple Ohio locations. The best part of my job is that I get to work with my father and company president, Dave, every day.

P&Q: Have you recently integrated any new technology at your operation?

Photo courtesy of Duff Quarry

Duff: Technology and automation is a key component of our operation that allows us to stay competitive. We have integrated PLC automation into every aspect of the plant, and control it with a touchscreen tablet. We also took the plunge into going digital with our equipment/plant maintenance and tracking by purchasing Dossier on Demand. By integrating the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) required pre-trips into our maintenance software, we proactively manage our preventative maintenance to provide a more efficient and safe site.

P&Q: What’s the next major equipment upgrade you plan on making?

Duff: We were reluctant to take the plunge on any Tier 4 Final equipment until recently. We picked up a new 988K as well as a Komatsu 325-8 rigid haul truck. With the new tax plan, we are strongly considering upgrading our fleet by adding additional efficient rolling stock. I also find the concept of integrating surge tunnels into the crushing process incredibly interesting. We are still doing our homework, but I’d love to capture the efficiency a tunnel could provide.

P&Q: What was the biggest challenge Duff Quarry faced in the last year?

Duff: There was a lot of uncertainty in our industry with government regulation on mining at the federal level. We are pretty excited for the nomination of David Zatezalo to head MSHA and looking forward to working with his administration proactively.

Five things

First job – Stacking flat rock on pallets and painting the concrete fence at the quarry.
Travel spot – Florida
Hobbies – Spending time with my beautiful wife and two girls
Sports – University of Kentucky basketball and Ohio State University football
Books – “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss

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