P&Q Profile: Bramco-MPS’ Mark Strader

By |  February 28, 2020
Mark Strader Bramco-MPS


As an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Mark Strader is familiar with all aspects of both the manufacturing and distribution sides of the aggregate industry. P&Q caught up with Strader to discuss his career journey, his company and his expectations for the industry in 2020 and beyond.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I went to work for Phoenix Process Equipment Co. in 2000. Phoenix is a manufacturer of liquid-solid separation equipment, and the aggregate industry was a very important piece to that business. The relationships I’ve built and the people I’ve got to know across not only the United States, but internationally as well, has been very rewarding for me.

You joined Bramco-MPS in 2016. What attracted you to this opportunity?

I enjoy the deal. I enjoy the sales role and being able to interact with customers, and a lot of times in manufacturing, that doesn’t present itself as it does in distribution. Whether that be through making trades, selling used equipment [or] selling new equipment, I enjoy distribution as a career.

I had been with Phoenix for 15 or 16 years, and this opportunity [with Bramco] gave me the ability for more upward growth. It offered me something new and different, and I was just at a time in my life when it was appealing.

What are some of your direct responsibilities in your position as general manager at Bramco-MPS?

My responsibility is total responsibility for P&L (profit and loss) for Bramco-MPS. It’s my job to manage the sales group, both capital equipment and parts and service. I also have responsibility for the service group and the parts group, as well.

General manager is a pretty broad spectrum, so ultimately I have responsibility for everything that happens at Bramco-MPS.

I very much enjoy getting to work in the different facets of the business. I enjoy developing strategies, our go-to-market strategies, the camaraderie and face-to-face time I get with my employees and co-workers, and I really enjoy spending time in front of the customer.

I strive to make work as fun as it can possibly be. I just try to treat people the way I would want to be treated, offer a good product at a fair price and support that product through the aftermarket. In my position, I get to follow a job from its inception all the way to the end.

What is new at Bramco-MPS these days, and what does the future hold for your company?

MPS is a newer organization compared to others in our industry, and I think the opportunity to build this business with the right product lines is something I really enjoy. Developing the right product mix is a puzzle that’s always a challenge to fulfill, but I think just building the business is probably as rewarding to me as anything.

Do you notice any changes or trends in how aggregate producers approach and purchase equipment these days?

Obviously, with the larger companies buying more of the smaller producers and bringing them into the fold, it becomes more of a corporate experience than it would be with a smaller producer. So that part has changed. We still get to meet the same people and try to differentiate ourselves in the market based on the quality equipment lines we represent. Instead of dealing with an owner, you’re probably dealing more now with engineering groups and area vice presidents and area managers as opposed to dealing with an owner, like we did several years ago.

What are your expectations for ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020 in Las Vegas?

We feel like this show will be well-attended. Obviously, the market is in a positive manner right now. We enjoy attending because we have a lot of customers there, and we enjoy being there in support of our manufacturers, as well. It offers an opportunity to be with customers and manufacturers away from the everyday work grind that we all live. Having a captive audience is always good.

What opportunities are you most excited about for both your business and the industry as a whole in 2020?

If you read what all the economists would say [and] if you stay close to market trends, I think there’s reason to be optimistic about 2020 and 2021. A road bill is certainly important. I believe that would certainly add the positive energy to the market that we need to continue to grow and remain strong. We’re looking forward to the next year, and potentially two years, as being growth years. 2020 has started off, for us, as a very good year from a sales perspective.


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