Power transmission components for quarry operations

By |  May 2, 2024

The P2.e series of planetary gear units is available for the torque range 24.8 kNm to 124 kNm. According to SEW Eurodrive, these two- and three-stage planetary gear units cover gear ratios of 15.2 to 332. With a compact design, flexibility and a high-thermal limit rating, SEW Eurodrive says the gear units are ideal solutions for continuous heavy-duty applications where space is tight. An optional integrated fan in the motor interface aspirates air radially, accelerates it and generates a cooling stream of air with a high-flow rate. Besides its high-power density, the company says the P2.e series has a best-in-class thermal limit rating.

Torque limiter series redesigned

Regal Rexnord Corp. redesigned its Autogard F400 series torque limiter, offering improvements while retaining the drop-in replacement functionality of the legacy 400 series. According to Regal Rexnord, Autogard torque limiters act as a mechanical circuit breaker to protect a drivetrain, disengaging the driving and driven sides in the event that a jam or an overload creates a torque spike exceeding its preset torque value. The next-generation Autogard F400 series is compatible with larger drive shafts and allows customers to select a smaller coupling size based on torque setting, the company adds.

Clutch brakes for incline conveyor applications

Posidyne X-Class clutch brakes are ideal for incline conveyor applications because they provide precise positioning each cycle, according to Force Control Industries. The clutch brakes act as a holding brake so materials never slide backward on the incline. They are oil filled and sealed so they do not rust, and they do so without maintenance or adjustment. Additionally, the clutch brakes allow for cycle rates as high as 300 cycles per minute and 20 to 40 million cycles, increasing production rates with lower downtime. With improved speed and precision, Force Control says the clutch brakes allow machine designers to run at higher cycle rates and quality levels. 

Design enhances drum motor safety

The motor, gear reducer and bearings of GrizzlyDrive drum motors are enclosed and protected inside the drum and designed for 80,000 hours of continuous operation before maintenance. According to VDG (Van der Graaf), the design increases safety while decreasing maintenance and operating costs. With VDG IronGrip lagging, the company says the GrizzlyDrive delivers 40 percent more traction and improved tracking while increasing lagging and belt life. The all-enclosed design and construction of the GrizzlyDrive reduces the cost of ownership, VDG adds, and provides conveyors with reliability, longevity and performance in harsh environments.

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