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By |  November 8, 2023

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When the Pit & Quarry brand debuted in 1907, it took shape in the form of a printed handbook. 

The monthly magazine came along in 1916, and it remains the foundation of our brand more than a century later.

P&Q leaders worked events into the brand offering in the 1990s, introducing the Pit & Quarry Roundtable & Conference that continues to this day. Similarly, the Pit & Quarry Hall of Fame was established in 2013 with a black-tie induction ceremony component that serves as an extension of the brand.

Digitalization also expanded Pit & Quarry’s product offering, as websites, e-newsletters, social media and video are now integral to P&Q’s storytelling strategy. Now, P&Q has taken yet another leap in the digital universe, launching a biweekly podcast called “Drilling Deeper” that’s now available on all major podcast platforms.

‘Drilling Deeper’

Kevin Yanik, left, and Jack Kopanski are the hosts of the new ‘Drilling Deeper’ podcast. Photo: P&Q Staff

Kevin Yanik, left, and Jack Kopanski are the hosts of the new ‘Drilling Deeper’ podcast. Photo: P&Q Staff

One thing Pit & Quarry leaders learned over the years is that those engaging our brand consume content differently.

The print magazine remains Pit & Quarry’s core offering – even within the digital era. A third-party firm auditing the P&Q audience on an annual basis regularly reinforces the notion that most of you, our readers, want the magazine mailed to them each month. 

Reader habits have evolved, though. Whereas some want the magazine in print, others prefer P&Q’s digital edition – and yet others want both.

Some readers want their P&Q content delivered to them via our weekly e-newsletter each Thursday, while others catch our content daily on social media.

We learned long ago to go where the reader is. And the places “readers” go now are aplenty. 

Of course, podcast platforms are another place where media is actively being consumed. One reason I’m excited about P&Q’s new “Drilling Deeper” podcast is because the magazine, while an ample source of content, can be somewhat limiting. 

When the magazine’s editors compile content, our best findings generally make their way into the magazine. But because space in the magazine is finite, a good chunk of the insights we gather never sees the light of day. 

A podcast, on the other hand, can serve as the place where P&Q editors can unload even more. It’s where we can “drill deeper” into the stories and topics you read about in the magazine and view online.

On “Drilling Deeper,” P&Q managing editor Jack Kopanski and I will regularly unpack our notebooks, welcome in guests and discuss the developments and trends we’re seeing in the industry. Jack and I hope you’ll check us out.

Podcasts probably aren’t the end of the road for P&Q’s content offerings, either. If, five years from now, you’re consuming media on another emerging channel, you’ll likely find Pit & Quarry there with you.

Listen: Episode 1 of ‘Drilling Deeper’ available here

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