OTTO Connect – Wireless Intercom System, best in team communications

By |  December 1, 2019

The OTTO Connect is a full-duplex, hands-free wireless intercom system that offers unparalleled performance features to keep teams connected on the job. Jobsites are often too loud for verbal communications or too spread out for hand signals to be effective. With two-way radios, only one person can talk at once, causing important safety warnings to be missed if the channel is already in use. Worse, transmissions can be clipped or incomplete if the next person starts talking before the PTT is released, leading to miscommunications. The Connect system solves these problems and more, letting you take productivity and teamwork to the next level.

What makes The Connect different? The Connect provides industry leading transmission range, up to 1,800 ft in line of sight. It frequency hops every 30 milliseconds on the 900 MHz band providing an unrivaled, secured network. The Digital Signal Processing technology blocks out ambient noise, letting only crystal-clear communications through. 8 simultaneous speakers and unlimited listeners improves productivity while Fusion technology lets you bridge the gap to outside networks and conference in other team members who may be using a mobile phone or radio. All of this, with no base station, adding much needed flexibility for groups on the move!

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