Orica i-kon II Blasting System

By |  June 20, 2016

Orica’s i-kon II blasting system was developed for use in high value and complex blasts at large surface and underground operations. The system offers delay timing of up to 30 seconds and programmability to the nearest one-tenth of a millisecond. With two blast boxes working in synchro mode, up to 6,000 detonators can be controlled in one blast. The i-kon II system is ideal for mines seeking to achieve outcomes such as optimized fragmentation for mill productivity and wall stability in surface mining, as well as massive blasts in underground operations. Orica‚Äôs electronic blasting systems can be utilized in conjunction with the revised ShotPlus 5 design software to optimize blast performance. The software package maximizes on-bench efficiencies by allowing creation and storage of blast templates and loading rules. Additionally, the software provides a 3D simulation of blast sequencing for pre-blast issue resolution.


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