Order, track, deliver: A look at Luck Stone’s JobSight app

By |  November 16, 2020
Photo: P&Q Staff

JobSight, Luck Stone’s new digital platform, allows customers to order and track materials – all at the touch of a screen. Photo: P&Q Staff

Think back to the last time you placed an order for something. When you ordered, did you pick up the phone and call someone, or did you select the item and pay for it with a few taps of the finger? 

While the former still has its place, the use of apps for digital ordering and delivery tracking has become the new norm in business. That shift is why Luck Stone developed JobSight, a digital platform for ordering and tracking construction materials. The app is already helping customers and Luck Stone associates alike.

JobSight, which debuted in October, provides customers with the ability to place orders online, where Luck Stone associates confirm the order and ensure accurate delivery. Once orders are placed, customers can track trucks in real time and drop pins in exact delivery locations. Through the platform, customers can also go paperless to manage accounts via downloadable digital tickets, pay online and review invoices.

“We really focused on making the process easy, reliable and user-friendly so [customer] projects can be completed on time and on budget,” says Billy Chenault, vice president of customer experience at Luck Stone. “Part of the goal was putting information in our customers’ hands. Customers are going to be able to interact with Luck Stone 24/7. Now, they’re going to have the capability to place orders online afterhours, and make sure that we’re able to deliver the right products to the right place at the right time.”

Design & develop

Photo: Luck Stone

Through JobSight, Luck Stone customers can go paperless to manage accounts via downloadable digital tickets, pay online and review invoices. Photo: Luck Stone

According to Luck Stone, the company leveraged more than a decade of experience in building customer-facing technology and spent more than a year conducting in-house research and development on JobSight.

“Our associates utilized cutting-edge technology to create an end-to-end digital platform that enables customers to easily engage with Luck Stone on any of their preferred devices,” says Ryan Emmons, vice president of information technology at Luck Stone. “JobSight quickly and conveniently connects customers to our company, our products and our digital offerings.”

In the early stages, Luck Stone had to choose between an off-the-shelf technology or develop its own technology in-house. The company chose the latter path, aiming to differentiate itself from competitors.

JobSight Luck Stone“We have a customer-inspired strategy, and JobSight is one area [where] we want to be different and we want to stand out,” Emmons says. “For us, [the idea] was [to] do something that’s never really been done before, never been built before and raise the standard of what the aggregate industry has to offer.”

A new norm

While the aggregate industry has been slower than other industries to adapt to new tech, the tide is slowly but surely beginning to turn.

“We’re starting to see a lot more momentum in the industry around technology adoption,” Emmons says. “When you start to factor in the changing workforce with the different generations beginning to come into this workforce, really the expectations are beginning to change, not only for our associates, but our customers.”

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