National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum rocker box

By |  July 18, 2017

Rocker boxA rocker box is a tool designed to separate gold from alluvial gravel and sand deposits that was used extensively in 19th century mining. Alluvial sand and gravel is shoveled onto the rocker’s screen and water is poured over the screen while simultaneously rocking the device back and forth. The finer material passes through the screen and is distributed to the platform or ‘sluice’ below. As more water is added and rocking continues, alluvial material is moved down the sluice and any gold is  trapped by the riffles and carpeted material floor in the sluice while any remaining sand is washed through the end of the trough. The rocker box is still a quick and effective method for sorting large amounts of alluvial gravel to recover gold.

Source: Rocker box, Manhattan Mining District, Fort Collins, CO, Yedlick Collection, National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum, Leadville, CO.

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