MSHA releases structural failure safety alert

By |  November 10, 2016

msha-logoThe Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), in coordination with the Industrial Minerals Association, released a safety alert focused on best practices for preventing structural failures. Since 2010, an average of one metal and nonmetal miner has died each year in accidents attributable to structural failure, MSHA reports.

According to MSHA, the alert includes commonsense practices, such as involving professional engineers in the design phase; using quality materials; and strictly adhering to plans and specifications during construction. MSHA also recommends making periodic inspections, training miners and supervisors to recognize hazards, and quickly reporting and repairing damage.

Buckled beams and columns triggering major bin or roof collapses are the most commonly thought of structure failures, MSHA adds, but serious structural accidents occur just as often because of undersized, worn, cracked, corroded or otherwise damaged fasteners.

In its alert, MSHA recommends looking for and reporting the following hazards to enhance safety:

  • Cracked, corroded, delaminated or flaked metal
  • Holes, thinned or missing sections of beams or columns
  • Bent, buckled or crushed beams or columns; missing or damaged struts or braces
  • Damage from equipment impact
  • Missing, loose or corroded bolts
  • Cracked, broken or inadequate welds
  • Bulging or deformed bin sides or tops; gapped joints
  • Damaged building siding
  • Cracked, broken, spalled or undermined concrete
  • Delaminated plywood or water-weakened wooden structures

MSHA adds that it plans to discuss structural safety during inspections and “Walk and Talks” at mine sites throughout November.

View the entire safety alert here.

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