Mobile buildings provide maintenance on the go

By |  December 12, 2016

Heavy equipment assets are fundamental to operations in mining, public works, construction and other commercial industries.

Maintenance facilities are required to store, protect and repair these assets. The facilities must be durable and available nearby because, in many cases, operations are delayed or shut down when critical equipment breaks or needs to be repaired. If equipment breaks down owing to poor maintenance, or repairs are delayed because of insufficient maintenance facilities, the associated costs can grow astronomically.

The mining and mineral exploration industries have experienced incredible innovations in technology and equipment in recent years. However, the facilities that provide critical support to mining and other commercial operations have been largely overlooked.

Heavy equipment facilities must meet high levels of quality and durability in order to provide long-lasting service and support for storage, maintenance and repairs of machinery. Buildings need to be relatively easy to set up. Also, the ability to move a structure after a few years is often a big advantage.

Portability is an important characteristic of equipment maintenance facilities because the machinery is often moved across jobsites, as required. Machinery is used for different aspects of the operation, including crushing, screening and excavating. Once a task is complete, equipment often needs to be serviced and, sometimes, repaired. As equipment is moved, maintenance facilities need to move as well.

For the most effective use of heavy equipment, operators must be able to service and repair equipment as close to a jobsite as possible. Brick-and-mortar facilities restrict such versatility.

Alternatively, highly portable heavy equipment maintenance facilities – in the form of durable fabric buildings – can be moved from jobsite to jobsite quickly and easily for streamlined, efficient operations. These structures are particularly suited for mining, aggregate extraction, oil and gas exploration, public works and mineral exploration applications due to their strength, durability and portability.

Portable fabric buildings are excellent for heavy equipment maintenance facilities in these applications. They are easier to move and set up, significantly reducing labor and operational costs. When personnel can tear down buildings in a short timespan and transport them to a new location along with equipment – and set them up at a new site within a few days – operational efficiency is at its best. Portable fuel storage can additionally increase efficiencies at worksites because equipment refueling can be done as needed.

William Hansen is the marketing manager at Alaska Structures.

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