Martin Marietta among NMA safety award winners

By |  November 15, 2022

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The National Mining Association (NMA) bestowed its Sentinels of Safety Award on a number of aggregate producers – including Martin Marietta, which earned three such awards.

NMA’s Sentinels of Safety Award recognizes mineral mining and coal operations in a variety of categories that record the most hours in a calendar year without a single lost-time injury. NMA says a minimum of 4,000 hours is required for award consideration and that its award categories reflect the safety accomplishments of large and small mines.

Twenty U.S. operations –14 mineral/metal mines and six coal mines – were honored with Sentinels of Safety Awards for their 2021 performances.

“The extraordinary safety accomplishments of these companies serve as a model for all of industry, which is united behind a rigorous dedication to a culture of continuous improvement,” says Rich Nolan, NMA president and CEO. “Every mine in this country understands that the complex work we do requires constant vigilance and, through steadfast leadership, strong systems and an ingrained culture of safety, today’s honorees have achieved the ultimate goal: providing a safe environment for their employees.”

Aggregate operations recognized

Among those honored in NMA’s greater Large Group category was All American Asphalt’s All American Aggregates operation. Located in Corona, California, the All American Asphalt operation was recognized in NMA’s Large Bank or Pit category.

Gen 6 Proppants, meanwhile, earned the Sentinels of Safety Award in NMA’s Large Dredge category. The Gen 6 Proppants operation is located in Mansfield, Louisiana.

Additionally, Titan America’s Pennsuco Quarry in Medley, Florida, was honored with an award in the Large Quarry category.

NMA’s greater Small Group category produced several honorees in aggregates, as well. Martin Marietta earned three Sentinels of Safety Awards, including one for the performance of its Minnesota Portable #1 operation in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Minnesota Portable #1 earned the award in the Small Bank or Pit category. Martin Marietta was also the Sentinels of Safety award winner in NMA’s Small Open Pit category because of the performance of another operation in Maple Grove characterized as Minnesota Reclamation Crew.

On top of those two awards, Martin Marietta was recognized in the Small Dredge category for its Raccoon River Sand & Gravel operation’s safety performance. Raccoon River Sand & Gravel is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Yet another Sentinels of Safety Award winner is Lehigh Hanson. The company’s Laurel Quarry in Somerset, Kentucky, earned the Sentinels of Safety Award in NMA’s Small Metal/Nonmetal Mill category.

In the Small Quarry/Portable Crusher category, Robco Inc. of Grants Pass, Oregon, took home the Sentinels of Safety Award.

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